About us


Company incorporation date: 03.06.1997
Trade registration number: J40/4231/1997
Unique registration code: 9509637
SIRUES Code: 403572157
Headquarters: Bucuresti, Str. Bascov, nr.8-12, Sector 5
Capital: 100.000 RON

During the first two years of operation (1997-1998), the firm has carried out construction and assembly activities, but since 1999 the share of total activity has passed the work in the field of setting, extending gas pipeline and plants at home.In the period 1999-2003 the society performed design and execution of over 120 Km of gas networks and related facilities, and in the period 2004-2006 the General MPM Impex LLC has done the design and execution of over 250 Km of gas networks and related systems, and for the period 2007-2011 our company carry out the design, execution and rehabilitation of approximately 500 km of gas networks and installations.

SC General MPM Impex LLC has experienced rapid development rhythms so that if at the date of 31 December 2000, achieving a turnover of 998.864 lei with 39 employees as at 31 December 2008 has achieved a turnover of 29.115.983 lei (over 29 times increase than in 2000) with 173 employees.

Although the years 2009 and 2010 were years of economic and financial crisis over all countries, yet we realized in 2009 a turnover of 17,988,400 lei with 38% less than in 2008, but in 2010 we made a turnover of 26,193,872 lei with an additional

8,205,471lei or with 45.6% compared to 2009. Though 2011 was another year of crisis, still SC General MPM Impex LLC has achieved a turnover of 29,958,849lei (3,764,977lei more or an increase of 14.4% compared to 2010).

In terms of the efficiency of the company you can find that in 2001 the General MPM Impex LLC has realized a gross profit of 140.300 lei, while in 2008 a gross profit of 5.204.614 lei (37 times increase over 2001). As the years 2009 and 2010 were years of economic and financial crisis, however, our company has finished with profit. In 2009 General MPM Impex LLC recorded a profit of 555.557 lei for the year 2010 the company to record a profit increase of more than 10 times higher compared to 2009, meanning 5.887.388 lei. The outstanding results obtained in year 2011 has made General MPM Impex LLC. to be the largest in the history of our company (8.763.463 lei or 48.9% compared to the previous year) and consequently profitability and solvency great heritage.

All these remarkable results obtained in 2011 (net profit of 2 million Euro) were obtained with an average number of 234 employees, as for the end of 2011 the company had 266 employees.

General MPM society is approved by ANRNE to perform design works and installations of steel and polyethylene gas sector and by ISCIR to perfom fitting and central heating installations.

Also, SC General MPM Impex LLC is certified by SRAC in:
– Quality Management System for “Design and construction equipment, construction of civil and industrial works”;
– Environmental Management System;
– Management System Occupational Health and Safety Organization;
– Social Responsibility Management System.

General MPM society benefits from the services of 7 first grade licensed engineers, 2 second grade authorized engineers and 10 third grade certified engineers in polyethylene and steel.



Field of activity

  • Works of natural gas pipelines (interior installations, connections, piping and internal and external networks, network expansions and replacements low and medium pressure gas distribution).
  • Installation works pipes and fittings water networks, sewage, heating.
  • Pressure-lowering lift stations.
  • Measuring gas regulating stations.
  • Pumping stations.
  • Maintenance, current repairs, overhaul and execution related to gas installations, heating, heating, ventilation, air conditioning.
  • Construction of buildings and civil engineering.
  • Roofing work, framing and decking construction.
  • Constructions for sport.
  • Electrical works.
  • Insulation and corrosion protection works.
  • Plastering, carpentry and joinery, painting, painting and other finishing works.
  • Gas network design activities, water / sewage, regulating stations, gas metering.
  • Metal construction, carpentry and metal components.