“Professional success is on quality of work”

Interview with mr. Petre Mazilu

CEO, General MPM Impex LLC


– Mr. Mazilu, please present the achievements of General MPM balance Impex LLC in 2010.

– General MPM Impex LLC, although it has faced with all the difficulties and shortcomings of the financial crisis in our country, however, we managed to overcome them and we can say, with pride and satisfaction, that we passed over a very difficult year.

Although the years 2009 and 2010 were years of economic and financial crisis in the whole country, our company has achieved in 2009 a turnover of17,988,400 lei (38% less than in 2008), but in 2010 we were able to overcome difficulties crisis and realized a turnover of 26,193,872 lei (45.6% more than in 2009). This means that the turnover for 2010 was 6,113,208 EUR.

The extra turnover in 2010 was accompanied by a special effective. Thus, while in 2009 we are in crisis, however, we realized a net profit of 555,557 lei for the company to profit in 2010 increased by over 10.6 times higher than the previous year,meanning 5,887,388 lei and consequently profitability and solvency patrimonial very good. Thus, patrimonial solvency is 64.8%, well above accepted as optimal, and global liquidity is 2.2, while the level considered good is 1.

A simple comparison of the evolution of our company, shows that in 2000 the company achieved a turnover of 999,846 lei with 39 employees, and in 2010 the number grew to 246 employees and turnover (26,193,872 lei) was incomparably greater. Thus, this comparison shows that if in 2010 the turnover increase of 26 times compared to 2000, the number of employees increased only 6.3 times. This indicates that the management company has been working continually to achieve increased production, but anyway, in conditions of maximum efficiency and increase permanent staff qualification company.

Periodically, our company staff workers and TESA were sent to various training courses. Also employ qualified personnel whenever work requires, the workers satisfaction of knowing our company significant growth, resulting in earnings of the largest in the industry. Thus, in December 2010 the gross average wage was 1960 lei unit and the net average wage was 1420 lei per employee.

MPM General Impex LLC permanent continued development efforts and strengthen the technical and material being purchased fixed assets (technological equipment, transportation, measurement and control equipment, office supplies, etc.). Worth 1,042,172 lei, so that at the end of 2010 the company had fixed assets totaling 4,916,725 lei .

If you look at 31 December 2010 compared to the situation of unpaid suppliers to the customers that will be received in future periods, we see that the company has expanded the partners, so we have reasonable grounds for confidence that we will achieve in 2011 special revenue. At December 31, 2010, providers were paid amounting to 4,873,218 lei and clients would have received were worth 10,500,272 lei ( 5,627,054 lei added or 215.5%).

Due achievements, our company has contributed substantial sums from the state budget. Thus, on December 31, 2010 General MPM Impex LLC has paid all obligations to the state budget shedding in its treasury a sum of 12,526,656 lei (over 3 million euros). At this interview the company has paid to the state budget still 1,748,945 lei so the company contribution for 2010 was approximately 4 million.

Another concern of our company has been providing the best quality conditions for work performed, as certified by the competent bodies (SRAC), that the company General MPM Impex LLC has implemented and maintained the Quality Management System for design and execution of construction and execution of civil and industrial Management System Occupational Health and Safety, Environmental Management System.

– What are the main programs that you currently underway and the projects targeted for the near future?

– The program for the rehabilitation and improvement of the natural gas supply system developed by GDF SUEZ Energy Romania, which together have a special area of Bucharest, design and execution of the works to replace gas pipes and branchings in several areas of the capital such as housing assembly Eagle II – between Pajura street,Hrisovului street and street Baiculesti form sector 1;. Pârgarilor Street sector 2; Ion Ursu Street in Sector 2; Ceahlau Street between Gheorghe Valsan Street and Nicolae Filimon Street sector 6.

Also, in the same rehabilitation program and improve gas supply systems, we have ongoing design and execution works in Ilfov county, or Popesti Leordeni city and Chiajna for medium pressure ring. Also, we work in progress in other parts of the country, such as Prahova, in Floresti, natural gas distribution system in the city of Ploiesti, medium pressure distribution system.

Based on contracts with GDF SUEZ Energy Romania, we have underway early this year and so far, a total of about 25 natural gas pipeline expansions located in Bucharest and Ilfov county, out of approximately 180 work orders assigned to design and execution, the difference in gas connections work.

– The company you run is a leading name in the field of building services installations. What is the secret of this successful and you think you apart from the competition?

– We appreciate success, in a certain area, is on quality of work and professional efforts made by aggregation over time. Thus, it is necessary to consider direct involvement in all things business activity, with particular attention to detail, coordinating direct staff or design offices and heads of sites, patience in solving problems competency of each staff subordinate may encounter in a project or in the design phase or phase to obtain construction permits or execution. Also be provided logistics necessary to ensure that staff have access to data quickly and provided useful information for the activity, considering that it is absolutely necessary to obtain results. Also, open to everything that’s new and applicability in developing business activity, so that the results be as requirements development, is another extremely important for the evolution of society.

In recognition of the success of the society in which we operate is the ranking every year honorable positions in the hierarchy of our business sector. Thus, if we were to enumerate, we remember the fourth position occupied by our company in 2009, the construction group, for medium, the plumbing, and number 35 on the country in the same category, if we look at a ranking of terms of turnover.

Also, in recognition of the importance of good collaboration between the company and the company GDF Suez Energy Romania, is the Diploma of Excellence awarded by the quality of work performed in 2010.

– What is the company’s development strategy Impex General MPM and what investments will allocate for this segment?

– Given that in 2011, construction activity in our country will see a growing trend of 1520% of the volume of orders and contracts, our society will have to be concerned with strengthening its position in this market. In this regard, we will focus on strengthening and increasing the customer base and expand our activities in this field with important aspects to increase turnover. We will also continue to invest in the modernization of society in the sense tehnicomateriale acquisition of new assets and the renewal of one third of the fleet which is currently about 100 vehicles. Special attention will be given to increasing the quality of work performed, the rules laid down in the Quality Management System for the design and execution of installations, civil and industrial construction.

Also, in the future we will focus on staff retention firm in order to ensure the best working conditions: work equip and protection, raising the standard of professional knowledge through schooling a part of the employees at the expense of the company. Also, we will ensure that the staff of company earnings to be at least 10% – 15% higher than 2010, of course correlated with labor productivity growth.